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    29 October 2018

    At FENCA Congress 2018 in Strasbourg the FENCA Code of Conduct for GDPR was adpoted. Further Michela De Marchi (UNIREC – Italy) and Claus Spedtsberg (DiB – Denmark) were elected as new members to the FENCA Board of Directors, while Rayna Mitkova-Todorova (ACABG – Bulgaria) and Piotr Badowski (PZZW – Poland) were re-elected to serve for another three-year term.

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    31 May 2018
    As FENCA celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, we tracked down its first ever President, Kurt Obermaier, to geht his views on the early days of FENCA and his hopes for the future of the Federation. 


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    27 March 2018

    With the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Spring 2017 one of the longest legislative processes in EU history finally came to an end. Actually, “end” is not the right word!  Even though FENCA was heavily engaged in lobbying and preparation throughout the GDPR negotiations, for FENCA just as for the whole debt collection industry, the adoption of GDPR by EU authorities marked just the beginning of the next and most difficult stage of a journey.  The debt collection sector and supervising authorities need to understand and define how GDPR would be implemented and monitored in our industry. And time presses: GDPR will apply from 25 May 2018.


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    08 March 2018

    Following 3 months of intense effort to convert the questionnaire which forms the essential basis for the FENCA GDPR Code of Conduct into an online product, FENCA Members are currently completing the questionnaire, which will provide the granular detail needed by our legal consultant, Dr Gero Ziegenhorn, and the FENCA GDPR steering committee (Leigh, Erwin, and Andreas) to ensure the draft Code reflects the practices of our sector in all 28 EU member states and every other EEA country represented by FENCA with regard to the processing of personal data.


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    14 February 2017

    The big picture - modern accounts receivable management focuses on customer retention


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    02 October 2017

    During FENCA Congress 2017 FENCA's Director General seized the opportunity to introduce FENCA to a broader audience. In a live interview with Bloomberg TV Dr. Andreas Bücker spoke about FENCA, the Association's relevance and mission for the European debt collection industry and gave first hand insights into future developments of the European debt collection and debt purchase markets.

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    24 August 2017

    How will the GDPR influence debt collection? Will collection companies still be allowed to collect and process personal data? - Yes! That is the conclusion of a new White Paper, recently published by the German Association of Debt Collection Companies (BDIU).

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    15 June 2017

    Fresh feelings to the summer – with FENCA!

    FENCA is presenting itself in a new, modern and fresh design.

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    03 May 2017

    FENCA network is growing!

    France Contentieux recently joined FENCA.